Designing for Convenience and Climate Care

“Effortlessly Design Your Stairs Online

Craft your ideal staircase effortlessly through our online platform. Choose from a variety of designs, materials, and dimensions tailored to your preferences. Our commitment to quality and meticulous attention to detail ensures a satisfying selection process.

treppe directly through our website with the convenience of home delivery. Enjoy a fixed delivery timeframe of 4-5 weeks across Germany, backed by our well-equipped warehouse. Despite national wood material shortages, we maintain consistent delivery schedules, prioritizing customer satisfaction.

Climate-conscious Practices

We acknowledge our ongoing carbon dioxide emissions and take responsibility by both reducing and offsetting them. Beyond mere offsetting, we strive to actively remediate environmental damage by addressing existing emissions.

Our dedication involves surpassing standard offsetting measures, aiming to offset emissions at twice the rate they are generated. For every kilogram of carbon dioxide emitted in our operations, we compensate with a minimum of two kilograms. This comprehensive approach extends across all facets of our business, including manufacturing, transportation, and digital infrastructure, ensuring a sustainable footprint for every staircase produced.”

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